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Business sense

At the local Sears, women’s jeans, unlike men’s, are indexed not by pairs of numbers that denote waist size and inseam, but by single numbers that denote nothing. Yeah, I know, I’ve been over this before, but that’s what you get when you keep reading the same blog for over a year. Anyway: a few weeks ago I subjected a (middle-aged, male)…

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Playing with fire

I’ve said before that throwing is by far my favourite part of making pottery. And for the most part, it is. I’m almost never terribly happy with the way the surfaces of my pots turn out, and I’ve always felt somewhat cheated by the firing process: load the electric kiln, and then wait patiently for two days as a machine transforms your…

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have employment.

I’ve been keeping most of you in the dark about this one: this development has actually been in the making for around two months, which I believe is longer than a season of The Apprentice takes to film. It’s also longer than it takes for the President of the United States of America to confirm a Supreme Court justice. I could have posted at…

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It surprises no one that the last letter in my Myers-Briggs type is a ‘J’

John at Toilet Paper With Page Numbers, one of the most underappreciated blogs around, has an excellent post about the importance of just making a bloody decision already, rather than continuing to do research ad infinitum until one is confident that enough information has been gathered. Like, in general. John quotes from a variety of folks who are better-read than I, and who are…

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