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Where textbooks come from

When I was a kid, my father told me about a strange phenomenon, which was later explained to him, that he’d observed while eating on airplanes. Back in the seventies and early eighties, Dad travelled a lot on business, and he noticed that the slices of hard-boiled eggs he received never included any ends. Each egg slice that made its…

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Electoral Reform, or, In Which the Author Extrapolates Wildly From an Extremely Small and Biased Sample

On the agenda at work today: coordinate a meeting that as many as possible of two dozen-odd clients would be able to attend. Inane administrative duty? No: opportunity for field research into alternative voting systems! Dear clients, I wrote, I’d like to hold a meeting with you during the first week of March. Could you please email me a list of times…

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I’ve known politicians, and you, Mr. Martin, are no politician

Our poor Prime Minister – even when he wins, he loses: Canadian voters have forcefully rejected Mr. Justice John Gomery’s exoneration of Prime Minister Paul Martin for the sponsorship scandal in a new poll that vaults the Conservatives in front of the Liberals for the first time since last spring. You know, this never would have happened under a Chretien government. Because Chretien’s…

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