The Modern-Day Math Test, or, How I Became a Curmudgeon

(Or, Wherein the Author Learns Who Subscribes to the RSS Feed.) The other day, against my better judgement, I took on some contract textbook writing work with a company based in India. The main reason, I confess, is so that I can tell my friends that India is outsourcing work to me, something that I’ll also be sure to […]

Murphy’s Law: Homeowners’ Edition

I’m alive. I’m just running around acquiring a property, that’s all. The deal closes tomorrow morning. Based on the assurances of my agent and other relevant parties – it WILL close tomorrow. I know things are really rushed right now, and it’s taken a bit longer to get all the papers in order, but it WILL close, […]

A Canadian moment

The rain was coming down hard when I waited for a break in traffic to cross the street. I paused at the intersection, waiting for the Volvo, and the Honda that trailed perilously close behind, to pass. I saw the Volvo decelerate, and I tried to catch the driver’s eye. Speed up, I willed her, don’t stop. I […]

Drinking (tea) with mathematicians

This morning, I made myself some tea in one of the matching mugs from my dinner set, waited an inordinately long time for it to start to cool down, and then downed the rest of it in a few gulps because it was quickly becoming too cold to drink. Not the most satisfying tea-drinking experience, but that’s […]

Your stupid misconceptions addressed

Things are pretty busy here at TD&M Headquarters: I’m away on business working long hours; I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio; and, oh yeah, I’ve been taking care of everything that needed to be taken care of before my new condo officially became mine. Why, I’d have nothing worth blogging if it […]

Driving with mathematicians

“How many gas stations do you think we’ll pass on the way home?” “You mean on the side of the road, or at exits?” “Whichever – places where we’d consider buying gas.” “I don’t know, six, eight…why?” “Well, if we pass the first 1/e gas stations and then stop at the first place that offers […]

Where textbooks come from

When I was a kid, my father told me about a strange phenomenon, which was later explained to him, that he’d observed while eating on airplanes. Back in the seventies and early eighties, Dad travelled a lot on business, and he noticed that the slices of hard-boiled eggs he received never included any ends. Each […]

Math class: now with more social justice (and less math)

The adage that addresses the issue of judging books by their covers counsels unambiguously against, but I’ve always rejected it on the grounds that it assumes, generally incorrectly, that authors have no editorial control over the presentation of their work. I unabashedly judge books by their covers in the figurative sense; but at the moment I’m […]

Business sense

At the local Sears, women’s jeans, unlike men’s, are indexed not by pairs of numbers that denote waist size and inseam, but by single numbers that denote nothing. Yeah, I know, I’ve been over this before, but that’s what you get when you keep reading the same blog for over a year. Anyway: a few weeks ago […]