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Works Well With Others

File under: Welcome To The Occupation. Posted by Moebius Stripper at 8:52 pm.

God, am I ever beat. Every minute of my time has been scheduled these past two weeks, even the minutes after I’m supposed to leave to go home, but I’m told that that sort of thing is Highly Irregular and will come to an end soon. Soon - not yet: not twenty four hours after the Supervisor delivered his Importance of Not Letting This Job Take Over Your Life pep talk, came the Supervisor2’s enthusiastic invitation to Get Together for an All-Staff Social Breakfast (!) at Seven O’Clock (!!) on Monday (!!!).

And so began a tense round of Passive-Aggressive Chicken (*). You see, no one wants to get together for an all-staff social breakfast at seven o’clock on Monday, but even more than that, no one wants to be the uncommitted team member who openly admits that they don’t want to get together for an all-staff social breakfast at seven o’clock on Monday. So you get things like this, and grit your teeth as you hope that the buck doesn’t end up with you:

“Well, I’m fine with an all-staff social breakfast at seven o’clock on Monday…but doesn’t Cindy have to get her kids ready for school in the morning?”

“Oh, Fred will be back in town so he can handle the kids for one morning…but Roger, you haven’t gotten your car back from the shop yet, and weren’t you going to pick it up on Monday morning first thing after they open at eight-thirty, a full hour and a half after seven?”

“Well, it might be ready as soon as Saturday…”

And so on. ‘Round the table we went, until:

“What about you, MS?”

Oh, lord. Could I risk being the uncommitted team member during my first week of work?

Wasn’t necessary, as it turned out. “Gosh,” I said, affecting disappointment. “I’d love to get together for an all-staff social breakfast at seven o’clock on Monday, but I don’t even think the buses run that early!”

Verdict: all-staff social lunch on Monday. Thai food, even - that delectable entity that reveals Western cuisine for the hack that it is. Much better than the breakfast meats - the only type of food that makes me gag - that would have invariably made an appearance five hours earlier. Perceived lack of early-morning service: yet another benefit of public transportation! Support your local transit system today! But not too much, mind.

…And so it came to pass that I became appreciated at work: Cindy and Roger and some others came by my desk to personally thank my carless ass.

Anyway, this post is mostly for my own reference, come personal evaluations six months from now: Describe a situation in which you successfully exhibited leadership in a group situation, or whatever they put on the forms these days.

(*) There are three I’s in “Passive-Aggressive Chicken”.