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My city is cooler than your city

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My fellow Vancouverites and I have been saying it all along, but the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit just caught on. We’re tops because we’ve got a good climate, decent public transit, accessible health care, and, and…

According to the report’s editor, cities in Canada, Australia and Western Europe topped the list, largely because they are not perceived as targets for terror attacks.

Right-o! We’ve got another few years before we have to worry about that kind of thing.

But, oh, check out this delicious little nugget of British passive-aggression from The Guardian:

The Pacific coastal settlement tops a survey of cities…

It’s clear from the article that Owen Bowcott recognizes that we’re not a small community or an underprivileged area, so that leaves definition 2b, I suppose. You folks might have outranked us by 46 spots, but who colonized who again? Mmm-hmm, cheerio.