All right, ‘fess up.

Inspired most recently by Vito Prosciutto’s latest post, I want to know: who, at some point, thought I was male? Who thought I was male right up until they read the previous sentence? Who, at this point, still thinks I am male? Come on, give it to me – I can take it.

The irony, as I told Vito, is that when I selected the handle “Moebius Stripper” lo these many years ago, it was specifically to avoid having folks assume I was a guy, which they did without exception when I used my previous (gender-neutral, I thought) alias. However, as most of the other female BBS users my GOD I am dating myself had handles such as “Unicorn” and “Rainbow”, that didn’t even work out as well as I’d expected. Some time ago, Declan told me that it was the “curmudgeon” descriptor (which I far prefer to “bitch”) that fooled him.

Not many curmudgeons among the double X’s, to be sure, but I don’t know whether I should find it encouraging that the stripper => woman stereotype is apparently less firmly established in the public consciousness than the cranky math teacher => male one. But seriously! I’m contributing diversity to the set of curmudgeons, most of whom are old white men! Those employers who pride themselves on holding progressive, equal-opportunity ideals should be falling over themselves to offer me a job!

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