Exam notes: quantitative

1.Number of pages of exams graded in the past six (6) days: 1344

For precalculus: 392
For calculus: 280
For statistics: 644

2.Average number of unclaimed tests/quizzes sitting in my office, per student, in

Precalculus: 2.7
Statistics: 1.1
Calculus: 0.5

3.Number of students enrolled who didn’t show up for the final exam: 5

Of those, number who have dealt with situation quickly and painlessly: 2
Number who are being ongoing big pains in the ass to deal with: 1
Number who have said nothing and who, judging from their term marks, can safely be assumed to have dropped the course, in spirit if not in writing: 2

4.(Inspired by Becky) Pearson’s correlation coefficient relating position of statistics student’s surname in alphabet (46 students wrote the exam) with student’s exam grade: 0.466.

Probability that the correlation in a simple random sample of size 46 would be so strong if there were, in general, no correlation between surname and exam grade: less than 1%
Regression equation relating student’s grade y to first initial of student’s surname x: y=52+0.94x

Predicted grade for Aaron Aaronson: 53%
Predicted grade for Ziggy Zuckerman: 76%

First initial of Needs-a-B’s surname: B
Actual exam grade of Needs-a-B: Less than 50%
Number of mistakes on Needs-a-B’s exam that were identical to ones she’d made several times before, on quizzes or tests, and that I’d addressed explicitly with her during my           office hours: 4

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