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Mixed messages

File under: Those Who Can't, Know Thyself. Posted by Moebius Stripper at 7:02 pm.

From a letter of recommendation written by my boss:

…I was very pleased with MS’s work in the Discrete Mathematics classes, particularly considering that this was the first time she had taught this course.

…Her evaluations in the precalculus classes were somewhat lower, but I still regard them as very good…Precalculus is a very challenging assignment for any instructor; none of our experienced faculty show an inclination or desire to teach it, despite its importance. In this context, I was pleased that MS was able to get most of the students to work hard and master the material.

In conversations with MS, it has become quite clear that her love of mathematics is what motivates her interest in teaching. Her aim is to create a lasting interest among her students for the material. This is in addition to, and not at the expense of, mastery of the essentials.

In summary, MS has performed her teaching duties in a very professional manner….

MS has been a valuable colleague this year.

It is unfortunate that we will likely not have an opening at Island U next year for her.

From a student’s evaluation (sic):

ABSOLUTELY HORRABLE. Doesnt teach. Gives us test questions that she NEVER TOLD US HOW TO DO. Does not tell us what will be on the tests, expects us to study everything.

In my opinion she is acedemicly unqualafied.