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Sometimes, I blame myself for my students’ failings.

File under: Sound And Fury, Those Who Can't. Posted by Moebius Stripper at 9:49 pm.

Other times, though, I guiltlessly hand out the F’s and don’t give it a second thought. Two classes into precalculus, I can tell that a) there will be failings aplenty, and that b) many won’t be my fault. Attendance today was hovering a bit below sixty percent. I thought I delivered a reasonable class last time, despite the fact that everyone but this one kid in the front row stared vacantly at me and the blackboard for the entire two hours. (Last class, when I asked if there were any questions, I got blank stares. When I asked the same thing today, however, many of them were quite eager for me to show them how to do every single homework problem.) Considering that this is the second time that a lot of these students are taking the course, it seems unwise for them to start slacking off so early into the game, but hell, I’m not their mom.