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On the other hand.

File under: Those Who Can't, Know Thyself. Posted by Moebius Stripper at 5:31 pm.
  • I teach six and a half hours on Tuesdays. Having just completed a four-and-a-half-hour teaching run, I’m just about ready to keel over, and my evening class starts in less than an hour.
  • However, my evening class was cancelled this week. So decreed the education department, apparently; they don’t want my class to begin until the second week of the term, because - I am not making this up - some of my students are not back from holiday yet. I have no idea why the education deparment gets to decide these things - my kids aren’t education majors - but I’m not about to question its judgement. I found out about the cancellation last week.
  • However2, no one bothered to tell the students who actually got back from vacation on time that they didn’t have my class today. I found that out yesterday. So, I have to go to class today.
  • However3, seeing as class is officially cancelled, it would be wrong for me to actually teach any math, so I can guiltlessly neglect to prepare tonight’s class.
  • However4, it’s pretty lame to arrive in class, hand out syllabi, and send everyone on their way.
  • However5, I have for this very purpose drawn up a “stuff you should know by now” review sheet for the younguns.
  • However6, simply handing out syllabi and review sheets is still lame.
  • However7, if I 1) go over the syllabi, 2) hand out the review sheet, and 3) do a demonstration involving Moebius strips, then everyone wins.

Syllabi, review sheets, and Moebius strips it is.

Update: What a colossal waste of time that was. Showed up to class, expecting the fifteen-odd students that Department Head told me would be there. Instead, I got around 30, which is probably the best attendance I’ll get all semester. But I had to cancel class anyway, even though I was there and 90% of my students were there. (I did hand out the syllabi, thereby flagrantly disobeying the Powers That Be, who warned me that handing out the syllabi wouldn’t be fair to all the students who made the effort to not show up today.)