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Why didn’t Asia have a disaster warning system?

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Diana Moon points us to an explanation:

It looks good on paper, but who will foot the bill? Asia has weathered countless natural disasters that have claimed millions of lives. In the medium term, the odds of a tsunami disaster of this scale happening again are rather small. Governments certainly will pragmatically take their chances rather than devote resources to a project akin to an insurance policy against a natural disaster which may or may not happen again for many years.

Hopefully, Vancouver Island will learn from the tragic mistakes of others:

Tofino, a world-famous spot that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, has no siren system to alert residents or tourists should a tsunami approach.

Mayor Allen Anderson says officials there rely on word of mouth to disseminate a warning.

Keep in mind that Vancouver Island is small enough that in the event of a large earthquake, it could be necessary for people to be evacuated to the mainland. The only reasonable-sized airport on the Island is in Victoria, and I don’t trust “word of mouth” to coordinate a big enough rescue effort. I suspect, though, that if there’s a tsunami around here, there won’t be huge lineups at the ferry terminal.