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‘The downside is you can pass out and die’

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Quite possibly the most jaw-droppingly disturbing thing ever:

Vancouver — Favoured by predators as a date-rape drug, GHB has found a niche among party-goers looking for a cheap, fast way to loosen their inhibitions and charge their libido.

The potent liquid is the house-party drug of the moment among young club-goers in Vancouver.

“Here’s a drink that’s similar to alcohol but it has some unique advantages,” RCMP Constable Scott Rintoul said. “It doesn’t cause hangovers. It’s inexpensive. It has no calories,” so it appeals to young women concerned about their weight.

“The downside is you can pass out and die,” the drug-awareness officer said. And women can be assaulted.

Again: the date-rape drug appeals to weight-conscious young women because it has no calories.

I mean, what about the carbohydrate content, hunh? Are they even thinking about that?

Seriously, there’s more:

“Rumor has it that GHB appeals to women because they can have as little as one beer and still get the same effect as if they had consumed perhaps six,” notes Marsha Benz, education coordinator for alcohol and other drugs. Some young women are apparently concerned about the number of calories they consume drinking a large amount of alcohol.

Here’s where others would wax philosophical about the tragic effects of a culture that teaches young women that there’s nothing worse than being fat, yadda yadda yadda, and that it’s such a shame young women are thinking this way, what can we do, it’s really The MediaTM’s fault they think and act this way, those poor frail young women really can’t be held accountable for the way they are, et cetera.

Garbage. Ridiculing fat people has actually succeeded in teaching teenage girls to fear fat over just about everything else; it’s certainly been far more effective at shaping the collective mindset of young women than any number of academic analyses of the harm incurred by unrealistic media images. So I say we skip the hand-wringing, collective guilt, and academic analysis, and instead ridicule women who knowingly take the date-rape drug in crowds of strangers, because they’re being raging morons. It’s not cool to put yourself in danger in order to lose weight; it’s completely idiotic, and people will point and laugh at you if you do something that stupid.