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But I just voted, dammit

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In 2000, Canada went to the polls while the US was busy trying to figure out who their president was. Now, in the middle of the US presidential debates, Parliament is split 50-50 about whether to accept Prime Minister Martin’s throne speech* - three months after he was elected, for those of you keeping track - or to force him to dissolve Parliament and call another election. Are we trying to be ignored? Show of hands - how many of my American readers knew that their northern neighbour’s government is at its most unstable in decades, and is facing the possibility of failing for the first time in a quarter century?

Mmmhmm; thought so.

Honestly, though, it makes no sense to me to have Parliament vote on whether or not they’re down with the Prime Minister’s promises, when he’s only marginally more accountable for what he actually does than he would be under a majority government. If this government survives, and Martin doesn’t follow through on anything he’s promised, there’s no precedence for holding a confidence vote over that. Here in Canada, talk can be expensive.

* which doesn’t seem to exist on the official Canadian government website. This is really the sort of thing that should be available, and easy to find, in HTML - I shouldn’t have to go to some random MP’s homepage to find it in pdf form.