Tall, Dark, and Mysterious



File under: Know Thyself, I Like To Ride My Bicycle. Posted by Moebius Stripper at 11:14 am.

My last bicycle cost me $150. It did the job - it got me from A to B, for most pertinent values of A and B in Vancouver - and didn’t do much else. It was rusty, and some of the gears didn’t shift too smoothly, and pedalling uphill was more of an ordeal than it would have been on a more expensive bike. However, spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars, can you imagine? - on something like a bicycle is irresponsible, plain and simple. It’s just not necessary. There are better uses for that sort of money.

That said: since I live in a town with formidable hills, no supermarket within a 1.5-hour walk, and an anemic public transit system, I feel no guilt whatsoever over having spent that sort of money on my new car.