Tall, Dark, and Mysterious


More from that stupid finite mathematics textbook:

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77. Weight-height Relation in the US Army. Assume the recommended weight w of females is linearly related to their height h. If an Army female who is 67 inches tall should weigh 139 pounds and an Army female who is 70 inches tall should weigh 151 pounds, find an equation that expresses weight in terms of height.

Source: http://www.nutribase.com/fwchartf.shtml

God, I hate this book. Are they really so desperate for applications that they need to use this claptrap - obtained from a source that debunks the methodology employed in obtaining the above data? I’m so skipping this. I’m also skipping the example about how disease spreads linearly. The HELL?

Also - my kingdom for a first year university text that uses the metric system.