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Oh, please, let my luck hold

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I’ve never been to the Maritimes before. This year, I’ve been feeling particularly Canadian, and particularly ready for a vacation. Freshly graduated, with some real income coming in in a few weeks from my (high-paying) new job - it seemed like the right time. And camp’s in Maine this year, which I interpreted to mean that God is telling me to get my ass over to the Maritimes this summer.

This afternoon, I sketched out a vague itinerary, which can be summarized as follows: Visit three national parks in three provinces, stopping at convenient and interesting places along the way. I bounced up and down at length, and then phoned my parents to tell them about this, and they asked me if I was aware that Canada’s national parks workers were on strike. I might want to change my summer plans, they suggested, and the Fisheries Museum is interesting…


Or not:

There were various disruptions and waived fees at the country’s 40 national parks and 150 national historic sites yesterday.

Many drivers honked. Others asked what was going on. Some stopped to pay an entrance fee, but nobody was collecting.


For now. It’d be best if this ended soon, as entrance fees pay for park upkeep, but a few days of free tourism while I’m in the neighbourhood? Sign me up.

[Edited Aug 18 to say - This is classy. The strikers are not backing down, but they are also making a point of not pissing off the public. If the TA union I belonged to had figured out a way to do that last year, we might have managed to finagle a decent contract.]


  1. hello. what’s the new job?

    - wes — 8/15/2004 @ 9:51 am

  2. I’ll be teaching math at a college on Vancouver Island.

    - Moebius Stripper — 8/15/2004 @ 11:16 am

  3. I’m 17, and I lived in NB for all of my life. The maratimes suck, and that’s why I’m leaving when I go to waterloo.

    - Vasant — 8/16/2004 @ 7:30 pm

  4. Eh, I’m guessing you didn’t spend all 17 years of your life just hopping from park to park. Me, I spent a few years in Waterloo…we should compare notes in a few months ;)

    - Moebius Stripper — 8/16/2004 @ 11:22 pm

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