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File under: I Read The News Today, Oh Boy. Posted by Moebius Stripper at 11:11 pm.

CBC pissed me off mightily a few months ago when it decided that it wouldn’t display the local weather on its homepage unless I told it exactly where in Vancouver I lived. Recently, The Globe and Mail has started doing the same thing, which will surely compromise the objectivity and representative nature of its daily polls, such as last Monday’s “Do you think the recent U.S. terror alert was more about politics than about security?” The site Bug Me Not allows users to bypass compulsory free registration…

…unless those users are affiliated with sites that enforce compulsory registration, in which case they have to register with BugMeNot. I think I lost it when I got to “Would you be willing to have an RFID chip inserted under your skin in exchange for a free, 12 month newspaper subscription?”


  1. I love it :D

    - Jen — 8/9/2004 @ 1:01 am

  2. so, here’s my question: doesn’t the globe and mail have =canadian= issues it can poll on?

    America, Jr., indeed.

    - meep — 8/9/2004 @ 4:22 am

  3. It polls on Canadian issues all the time. And world issues. Do any national US papers ever ask anything about Canada?

    - Moebius Stripper — 8/9/2004 @ 9:51 pm

  4. What do you think? Of course not.

    They’re more likely to poll about Kobe Bryant, or Paris Hilton, than anything about =Canada=.

    - meep — 8/9/2004 @ 11:53 pm

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