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Lest there be any confusion as to whether or not I am a math geek

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Here’s the joke circulating at camp right now:

Q: What did the natural log of the 16th primitive root of unity say after the pie was gone?
A: I overate.

Because the sixteenth primitive root of unity is e^(pi*i/8), and its natural log is pi*i/8, and when the pi is gone, that’s i/8…I overate…get it?

Well, we think it’s funny.

Canadian content

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Dogs may not care what their biscuits look like, but Canada Post certainly does. The Crown corporation has successfully lobbied a chain of pet stores to stop selling its popular biscuits shaped like letter carriers.

Damned if I can explain exactly what I mean when I think, “that is so Canadian,” other than, I know it when I see it.

In any case, now I know where that extra penny is going. I can’t bring myself to grumble about this frivolous use of My Tax DollarsTM, however, because this sort of amusement is definitely worth a few cents a year.