Murphy’s Law: Homeowners’ Edition

I’m alive. I’m just running around acquiring a property, that’s all. The deal closes tomorrow morning. Based on the assurances of my agent and other relevant parties – it WILL close tomorrow. I know things are really rushed right now, and it’s taken a bit longer to get all the papers in order, but it WILL close, […]

A Canadian moment

The rain was coming down hard when I waited for a break in traffic to cross the street. I paused at the intersection, waiting for the Volvo, and the Honda that trailed perilously close behind, to pass. I saw the Volvo decelerate, and I tried to catch the driver’s eye. Speed up, I willed her, don’t stop. I […]

Drinking (tea) with mathematicians

This morning, I made myself some tea in one of the matching mugs from my dinner set, waited an inordinately long time for it to start to cool down, and then downed the rest of it in a few gulps because it was quickly becoming too cold to drink. Not the most satisfying tea-drinking experience, but that’s […]