Playing with fire

I’ve said before that throwing is by far my favourite part of making pottery. And for the most part, it is. I’m almost never terribly happy with the way the surfaces of my pots turn out, and I’ve always felt somewhat cheated by the firing process: load the electric kiln, and then wait patiently for two days […]

Back among the working

Throughout the conference, I was trying to figure out how to blog about the conference without…well…blogging about the conference. And then, on my last night out of town, it came to me in a dream. On my last night out of town for the business conference, I dreamt that one of my coworkers found my […]

Moebius Stripper’s Guide to Public Speaking

Actually, there’s only one point, and it is this: An essay and a speech are different media. If you’re going to drag several dozen people to a different city to hear your talk, rather than just giving them essays to read, you need to justify the time and expense involved. When your presentation consists of you […]

Works Well With Others

God, am I ever beat. Every minute of my time has been scheduled these past two weeks, even the minutes after I’m supposed to leave to go home, but I’m told that that sort of thing is Highly Irregular and will come to an end soon. Soon – not yet: not twenty four hours after the […]