‘A journalist doesn’t think she should know statistics. Bloody hell.’

Thus commented Geoff the other day. Timely remark, that one, for tonight a whopping eighty-five percent of Canadian adults waited eagerly to see if they took home the Lotto 6/49’s record-breaking $40 million jackpot, and we all know what that means: it means that it’s time for journalists nationwide to present us with a panel of mathematical geniuses who […]

Ode to general knowledge

I’ve stated before that I don’t believe that college is for everyone. For example, college is not for Stacy Perk, who just wants to write for Glamour magazine, but her dumbass school is making her learn stuff, and she doesn’t care enough about stuff to actually go to class and do her homework and shit, so her GPA is suffering and so […]

Show me the data.

What’s that you say? You’re sick of all those long-winded education rants that never go anywhere? Me too! However, I can’t pass up this opportunity to commend the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for so succinctly summarizing everything that’s wrong with elementary-school-level mathematics education today. And in an exam that every prospective teacher in the state is required to write, […]

Potteryblog, redux: the Hollywood North edition

So, we’ve established that no one’s interested in my pottery. Tough crowd, but I’ve been spending nearly all of my time in the studio lately, so that’s all I’ve got. How about a story about my pottery and Al Pacino, then? Gallery Show this week. Here’s my stuff. Those of my readers who follow the amateur pottery scene will note that […]

This post would be TOTALLY AWESOME if I didn’t care about my job

Last week, Nurse Hatchet provided some thoughts about blogging and work, namely that one should never do the former at the latter, and that one should only occasionally and very very carefully do the former about the latter. Her advice is reasonable enough, and I’m paranoid enough, that I plan to follow her recommendations to the letter, and that’s why I’ve been spending the […]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have employment.

I’ve been keeping most of you in the dark about this one: this development has actually been in the making for around two months, which I believe is longer than a season of The Apprentice takes to film. It’s also longer than it takes for the President of the United States of America to confirm a Supreme Court justice. […]