Biting the hand that helps me feed myself

First things first: yes, that is a copy of Landing a Job For Canadians For Dummies on my nightstand. Because, well, I’m trying to land a job, and I’m Canadian, and although I’m not a dummy, I’ve been advised not to look a gift horse in the mouth – another adage that I shall now proceed to violate. First […]

The Canadian military: officially irrelevant

Ooh, lookie here, it’s another disputed island. This time we’re duking it out with Denmark: Defence Minister Bill Graham says Canada will assert its sovereignty over Hans Island in response to a letter of protest from the Danish government. …There is concern that global warming has made the Northwest Passage more accessible to shipping and Graham says Canada […]

I feel so unclean

O, the moral depths that a woman will plunder when she’s desperate for money (*): this morning’s tutoring session covered the topic of How to Use Your Fucking Graphing Calculatorto Find the Roots of a Goddamned Quadratic, For Crying Out Loud. And I taught it. Without snark, flailing of arms, or even a modicum of political commentary. And, […]

Is there a cognitive psychologist in the house?

The comments to my post on math prerequisites that aren’t being met are the reason that, despite all of the comment spam, I leave these pages world-writable. Some excellent stuff there, and I hope that some curriculum developers in my province are reading what my readers have to say. I have more to say in the prerequisites […]

Prerequisites for college math

Are there any high school math teachers – or, better yet, developers of high school math curricula – who read this blog? I’ve decided to take a break from my usual undirected griping about how woefully unprepared students are to do college math, and divert those energies into something more productive – a working list […]

Dispatches from the library

Apparently my computer has some hard-to-diagnose computer ailment. In a sequence of events that bears striking parallels to those often experienced in my country’s health care system for humans, this has resulted in the blasted machine being discharged – thrice – from the hospital for sick computers before it was fully cured, only to be […]


Greetings from the happiest place on earth – Mathcamp – where I just realized that I’ll be spending ten consecutive days in the same place, the longest stretch of time I’ll be in one place in two months. Meanwhile: all of my material possessions (except for the goddamned computer, goddammit) now reside in a storage […]