Infinitely many kilometers per liter

At the beginning of the term, I was unhappy with my teaching schedule: sixteen hours per week, thirteen of which are spread over two days, and the other three of which are spread over another two days. I didn’t anticipate one huge benefit of that until the term began: my light teaching days don’t leave […]

Two thoughts on the statistics quiz

Last week, Rudbeckia Hirta at Learning Curves posted a handful of definitions of the Pigeonhole Principle, as given by her students. Go read them if you haven’t already: they’re not only spectacularly incorrect, they’re also bizarre, incoherent, and could rival the output of The Random Sentence Generator. I was jealous. My students’ incorrect answers just make me cry, not […]

Apparently problem solving isn’t my forte

Last weekend, I took my new laptop to Vancouver, and when the two of us returned to Island Town, the sound system didn’t work. At all: I couldn’t play CDs, I couldn’t use headphones, I couldn’t get any audio on streaming videos. And this is a new computer! After several iterations of the Universal Computer […]

Trying to make precalculus work

My precalculus students wrote a quiz today. On the top of the front page I’d given the instuctions Solve the following equations for x. Show your work. If I’d instead typed Hey, kids! I’m under the impression that you know how to solve quadratic equations, but if you convince me otherwise, I’ll give you ten dollars! I would […]

Excuses, excuses

Jo(e) is playing a game with a list of ten excuses her students have given her and other teachers over the years: Rules for the game: Replace any that you feel like replacing. Add excuses that your students have given you. Try to stick to ones that you know to be real. Put an asterisk by all the […]

Cluelessness: A Study in Three Parts

Part I: The Student Who REALLY doesn’t get math: As in, the one who asked me last week, in all earnestness, “to what extent” she would “have to use equations” in my class. I managed, in a feat that should surely mark me as a force to be reckoned with in the domain of improvisational theatre, […]

Oh, I do believe I’ve already addressed this.

I had a long and only vaguely coherent post about the President of Harvard’s comments about the relative number of men and women in the mathematical and physical sciences, but then I realized that I’d already posted about it. Three months ago: …no meaningful or productive discussion of [low ratio of males to females in the mathematical […]