Little Miss Math Teacher

The following conversation wouldn’t be noteworthy, were it not for the fact that I’ve had it a good half a dozen times in the last two months: Female Stranger: Are you a student at the college? Me: Actually, I teach there. FS: (eyes bulge) You do? What do you teach? Me: I teach math. FS: (eyes […]

Or maybe they just studied really hard.

My early afternoon precaclulus class has always been a shade weaker than my late afternoon precalculus class; class averages tend to differ by around 5% from one class to the next. Until this week. Class average on the early afternoon test: 58%. I found this bewildering, as I thought that this test was considerably easier […]

Lest I ever consider teaching elementary school math in Georgia

…and lest I ever make the mistake of thinking that standardization is necessary compatible with high standards: I’m writing an introductory math text for – swear to God – an Indian company that’s outsourcing work to me, howdoyoulikethemapples. In searching for some inspiration for applications of fractions, I ran across this teacher guide. Quoth the introduction: The […]